How to Get Solar Panels for Home

How to Get Solar Panels for Home in 2023?

Nowadays many people are looking for how to get solar panels for home , but first, we need to understand how it works before installing them. Solar panel technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy either through photovoltaic (PV) panels or through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation. This energy can be used to generate electricity or be stored in batteries or thermal storage.

How Solar Panels Are Made?

how to get solar panels for home
how to get solar panels for home

Solar panels are made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon solar cells soldered together and sealed under an anti-reflective glass cover. Once light hits the solar cells, the photovoltaic effect starts, and electricity is created. The five key steps in making a solar panel are making the solar cells, selling solar cells together to create a panel, installing a back sheet front glass layer, and frame and installing a junction box.

Types of Solar Panels

how to get solar panels for home
how to get solar panels for home

The most common types of solar panels are monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, and thin-film solar panels:

Monocrystalline silicon panels are made from a single crystal. They are the most efficient solar panels, but they are also the most expensive.

Polycrystalline silicon solar cells are made from multiple silicon crystals melded together. They are not quite as high-efficiency as monocrystalline panels, but they are a more budget-friendly rooftop solar option.

Thin-film solar cells are made from amorphous silicon, which makes them the most flexible solar panels but also the least efficient.

How to Install the Solar Panels?

how to get solar panels for home
how to get solar panels for home

Hiring a solar company

If you do not have electric contracting experience, you will need to hire a solar company to carry out the solar panel installation itself. You will find several reputable solar companies with decades of solar experience to choose from. These companies must have sufficient knowledge, qualifications, equipment, skills, and safe systems of work to comply with the work health and safety legislation.

Install solar by your own

when you are planning to power your home with solar energy, there are several steps to follow Plan before doing any Solar installation:

  • Use Fall Protection
  • Make Sure All Workers are Trained Well
  • Avoid Live Work
  • Comply with Relevant Rules and Standards
  • Use Safely Electric Equipment

We Recommend to watch this video for practical knowledge on how to install solar by your own:

What Are the Advantages of Solar Panels?

The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world’s energy needs, and unlike fossil fuels, it will not run out anytime soon. As a renewable energy source, we have a lot of benefits from solar panels such as:

  • Renewable Energy Source
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Diverse Applications
  • Technology Development
  • Start saving from day one
  • Help the environment and help us all
  • Solar panels significantly improve your resale value

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What Are the Disadvantages of Solar Panels?

how to get solar panels for home
how to get solar panels for home

Weather Dependent

Solar panels are dependent on sunlight to effectively gather solar energy. Therefore, a few cloudy, rainy days can have a noticeable effect on the energy system.

Uses a Lot of Spaces

Solar Panels would require a lot of space to fit the number of solar panels that you would like to have.

Solar Panels are Fixed at their Installed Locations

Solar panels are fixed to the ground or tiled roof, so they cannot be moved.

The Best Solar Companies

The benefits of renewable energy grow worldwide, and the solar industry is flourishing. There are now hundreds of providers in the United States alone. Therefore, comparing products, services, and prices can be a very headache and complicated task for homeowners. If you decide to install your home with a solar power system, but you do not know where to start, you can do your research about the top solar companies to help you get started.

Top Solar Companies

Home Solar: Our pick for easy integration, we will provide you with the top contractors with a high-quality service

The Home Solar Estimate: Our pick for customer support

Home Solar Today: Our pick for whole-home integration

Eenergy Solar: Our pick for solar roofing

The Home Solar Solution: Our pick for most experience

What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

Solar energy offers various benefits to homeowners. Homeowners with solar panels can take advantage of removing many electric expenditures. Bearing in your mind that, electric expenditures will vary depending on multiple factors:

  • The incentive programs in your state
  • The size of your solar panel system
  • The amount of electricity your household consumers
  • Direct hours of daily sunlight Size and angle of your roof

Increased home value

A solar energy system can increase the overall value of your home, because the installation is viewed the same as upgrades like kitchen expansions, finished basements, and updated bathroom fixtures.

Ease of use

Most states have sunlight exposure significant enough for good or excellent solar energy generation.


Solar power generated substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide and other pollutants like sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. Solar also reduces water consumption by power plants to generate electricity.

How to Choose the Best Solar Company

You are recommended to do research and receive quotes from at least three providers before selecting a solar installation company. While cost is essential. You are also advised to balance price with services, customer reviews, warranty lengths, and other key factors. You have to know that going and consulting with the most expensive installer does not guarantee higher quality.

You are strongly recommended to review the company’s production and workmanship guarantees in detail, and you closely examine customer reviews to understand the customer service experience with each provider. All company data is monitored on an ongoing basis so that all rankings and information remain up-to-date.

Once you gathered all the relevant data, you have to pay attention to the following scoring system to grade each moving company on a 100-point scale:

  • Solar services (25 points): You have to know if the company provides in-house solar panel installation and battery backups. Further, you have to examine if the company monitors energy production and performs energy-efficiency audits to ensure system performance. The more options available, the higher the score.
  • Warranty options (15 points): Solar panel installation warranties for products, system output, workmanship, and the length of these guarantees are significant factors in residential solar system performance. Warranties vary by company, so you score companies based on the number of options available. The more warranties a company offers, the higher the score it receives.
  • Availability (10 points): You have to look for solar companies that are available to provide your area with extensive service as most solar companies are not available nationwide.
  • Experience (10 points): any solar companies have to be rated based on the number of years they have worked with the industry.
  • Payment options (15 points): For each payment option the company provides, it receives more points. Options include purchase, loan, and lease.
  • Reputation (10 points): You have to pay an attention to each company’s score on the Business Better Bureau (BBB) and deduct points for any alerts or pending lawsuits.
  • Additional benefits (15 points): you have to evaluate the solar companies based on added features and services such as a mobile app, virtual consultations, and 24/7 live customer support. The more company provides, the more points it receives.

How to Choose the Right Solar Company?

It is very important to find the right company that offers the best solar services you are looking for, but to choose one you need to know a many information about the company in addition to having a certain criteria.

You need to know how big your system needs to be

You can go online and get an estimate to see how much would cost you for different sized systems as it depends on your roof and location. The right company should also look at your budget. You want to find a company that can help you pay off your system in time for you to get all of your energy savings back.

You want to make sure the company has good customer service

You have to check out the customer reviews on the solar panel company. You should also find out how long it will take to receive your money back if your system is not producing power as expected. The company which has a good reputation, you can feel more confident in your purchase.

Ask for financial options

A company that has financial options available should be one that you can trust. Companies will often want to offer financing to help customers pay off their systems faster.

Take a look at how many years your system will last

High-quality solar panels can last longer than 25 years, but some companies do not guarantee that they will stay in business. But, you need to know whether or not that company would still be around in another 10 or 15 years to help you maintain your panels.

Get a copy of the solar contract

The contract should show the terms of the agreement between you and the solar panel company. You should also check out and make sure to read the contract carefully to examine if there are not any hidden costs or fees in there. Be sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into before signing any paperwork.

Ask for Referrals

You can ask questions to people who have already purchased solar panels through this company and review their experience.

Be aware of rebates

Try to look for solar panel companies that offer rebates to help you to pay off faster.

Ask these questions when searching for a company

Make sure that the solar panel company does not have any hidden fees. Bearing in your mind, some companies will charge you 250$ or 300$ to install solar panels.

How long will it take? Ask the company what your savings levels would be over the next several years for standard-sized systems.

How long will it take to pay off? Make sure to ask how long it will take before you can see the return on investment for this system.

Do you offer rebates? You may find that a company that offers rebates or debates can help you to purchase a solar system faster.

Do you have guarantees? Companies with good reputations offer 5-year guarantees for their products.

You can read and take a lot of information on their websites.How long will the panels last? Solar panels are typically good for 25 years, but you want to make sure that if they go out of business.

Which Solar Panel Companies to Avoid

Many solar companies are being created every week, but most of these companies are not worth your time. These solar companies target new investors and make it their task to manufacture a glamorous spotlight with the help of a common man.

To buy a solar panel, people often fall for scams and scams You have to avoid paying high fees to solar companies that are not familiar with the energy industry and cannot support your need

There are many things to look for, for example: You have to pay attention not to deal with solar companies that seem to be sales-oriented or uneducated about solar panel systems as they just looking for money.

Make sure to contact the solar company directly to avoid paying a commission to the middleman.

You have to check if the solar panels are covered with warranties of at least 20 years before you buy them. Make sure that the solar panel companies are interested to meet your expectations.

Make sure they have all the right licenses to do business in your state. Make sure they are experienced in dealing with customers and installations, as well as making sure that they fix any problems within 30 days or less, especially if you live in an area prone to storms or other elements.

Things to Look for When Searching for Online Solar Panel Companies

how to get solar panels for home
how to get solar panels for home

If you are looking for online solar companies, you have to pay attention to the following things:

Make sure that the solar company has an excellent reputation in the market. You can check Google and Facebook as they are great places to see what others are saying and what are their experiences.

Make sure that you are working with a solar company directly. Do not deal with any reseller between you and the solar company or an intermediary.

Make Sure to receive from the solar company free information on how the solar panels are installed.

Make sure the solar company should be able to meet you in person. Most solar companies will send a salesperson to represent their service and products, so it is very important to do personal business with them directly.

The company should be able to meet in person shortly. Sometimes, a company will send a salesperson to present its service and products, so it is important to go directly to the source and do personal business with them Make sure that the solar company has the right license it takes only a few minutes, but it can avoid you a lot of headaches later.

Be aware of door-to-door salespeople as most of them work in a commission-based model and they are doing their best to try to sell you hard.

See where the headquarter of the solar installation company is as it is recommended to look for one that is headquartered in your city.

Ask for Addons to your panels when you decide to install solar panels in your home, the solar panel company may add lighting, HVAC, or some other products at some point.

If you are not sure about that you can ask them about add-ons first. Beware of any Shady Sales Tactics and keep an eye out for anything that seems odd or does not make sense as these companies just want your business and they will try very hard to make it happen.

Learn about Solar Panels concerning roofs or solar panels, some solar panel companies will install both, so you do not t need to pick them out yourself.

Make sure that the company can provide products that suit your needs and style of home.

Get several quotes and make sure to consult with different solar companies to find the right company that offers the solar panels that are right for you, you have to find that one that is willing to help you out in any way possible.

Solar panels are an investment that will last the rest of your life. You want to be sure that your investment is a good one.

Thanks a lot, to the solar companies that reduce our carbon footprint. Solar power becomes an increasingly popular option for many people.

You have to know that the solar panel companies will not offer incentives and they do not even exist when you are ready to install your solar panels, so it is important to evaluate your options carefully.

In conclusion, you have to take your time when you are searching for a solar company to avoid many problems you may encounter. Installing a solar panel from a reputable company can help you as well as can help the environment.

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