Is your home suitable for solar panels in 2023?

Millions of people are working all day and struggling to pay their energy bills. People also are struggling and complaining about rising energy costs and solar panels are the best solution to generate electricity and reduce the number of energy bills.

Installing solar panels in your home is great for the environment too. Using a solar PV system can reduce your carbon footprint. but is your home suitable for solar panels?

Solar panels are manufactured to work in all climates and weather conditions, but in some cases, your home rooftops may not be suitable for solar panels system due to the age of the building, or trees and cover. If you would have trees near your home that create excessive shade on your roof, the rooftop panels may not be the best ideal option for you.

You are strongly recommended to check your home meets the following requirements to ensure that solar panels are suitable.

  • Orientation: South-facing roofs that mean, southeast to southwest,are the best option for installing solar PV panels. Also, if you would have flat roofs are fine. Keep in your mind that you have the option of installing the solar system at the ground level.
  • Angle/ Pitch: Based on the location of your home and concerning the sun’spath through out the day, the best angle /pitch for your solar panels is between 30- 40 degrees.
  • Shading: You will need to have an area in your home that issufficiently exposed through out the day.
  • Size: your roof or ground area of your home should be large enough to allow the installation of solar PV panels.
  • Consent: You should check with the local authorities to confirm that your area is not considered a heritage site or conservation area or a wild life protected area and to receive their consent.
  • Roof Material: Because of the hazards of Asbestos with health and safety concerns, it is advised that your roof be replaced with non-asbestos roof materials before installing the solar PV system.
  • Electricity Supply: The size of the incoming lines to your home has an impact on the size of the installation you can invest in.
  • Roof Penetration: There are solutions for all roof types,which require no penetration.
  • Roof Structure: Make sure to check if your roof is structurally sound before fitting 500 kilograms of solar panels onto it. You will have a structural engineer for calculating the wind load.

Can You Go Solar without Changing any of The Aesthetics of Your Home? 

Regarding the solar panel system, aesthetics is one of the controversial issues on which we have different opinions. Some people love the sight of them, others hate the sight of them, and other people do not pay any attention at all to the solar panel system aesthetics.

Aswe are going Solar, the solar companies always design the solar system as fitas possible. Several things can be done to modify the visual impact of the panels for the better.

The aesthetics of solar panels is a crucial issue because they are installed in very notice able locations where homeowners or neighbors can see them.

 Standard Solar Panels 

  1. Silver frame with white backing and wires They are normally the cheapest from the point ofthe manufacturing process. The setup of these panels reflects more heat, keeps the panel cooler, and increases efficiency. Therefore, these solar panels are very popular in the inner city, and they are suitable for metal roofs in urban landscapes. So, if you would have a ware house to power it, these are the best:cheap and with high energy.
  2. Black Frame with White Backing and Wires.These solar panels are manufactured upon there quests of consumers. These solar panels are suitable for modern houses,especially in uburban areas.
  3. Black Frame with White Backing Without Any Wires.The wires of these solar panels are hidden underthe panels. The prices of these solar panels are high because they are patented technology. Because of, the high and better build quality and exceptional power generation. The roof looks greater with these solar panels.
  4. All Black with Wires.Changing the white backing sheet with a black one can improve the appearance of these panels, making them less obvious black panels with black backing are great for traditional slate roofs when you are still working to an average budget.
  5. All Black with No Wires.These solar panels are totally in black, their technology allows black backing without too much loss of performance. A great solution for modern slate roofs as they blend in so well.
  6. Colored Solar PV.Some people decide to install Solar PV panels because they need some colors in their life, and they have the desire to make achange in their homes. 

Tips to Avoid Unconscionable Traders and Installers 

Homeowners used to get inquiries by email or social media by unconscionable individuals using legitimate companies’ trust names.If homeowners would receive a phone call, or answer the door step from anyone using the name of one of the legitimate 

companies’ trust names trying to sell any products or services. They are not legitimate because legitimate companies do not do any calls.

Legitimate companies do not do any calls, knocking any doors, or sell anything directly to any homeowner. For that reason, homeowners shall be conscious of this matter very well.

If you come across the above-mentioned situation. You can contact and report the help line ofone of the legitimate companies to find out if the person is legitimate or not. 

Finding a Trusted Installer Is Your Home Suitable for Solar Panels

There are a series of steps to assist any homeowners to find a reliable installer, wherever they live in the U.S. 

Get a personal recommendation and advice

Try to ask friends or neighbors whether they can recommend anyone to assist you with your home renovations. Further,the local internet is considered a great source of a lot of many information and advice.

Get several quotes for any work 

Make sure to receive three detailed quotes for any work that you plan to do in your home. The several quotes help you to meet the traders and ask them many questions. You can ask them to see samples of the recent work that they have done, as well as ask them for references.

Protect your self against hustler traders 

Again, and again and again do not accept any business from traders who approach you in the street or on the doorstep.

Check whether the trader that you are working with has a landline number and a business address rather than just havinga mobile number.

Try to have a fixed price where possible for any home renovation you have. Do not pay all your money up front. Youare highly recommended to make your final payment when you are happy with the job.

Reach an agreement with the trader regarding the scope of home renovation and payment schedule in writing or by email as it will be considered as proof if you have any problems in the future time. Moreover,if you have any changes to the initial agreement, make all of these in writing too. 

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