What to Look for When Choosing the Right Solar Panel Company in 2023?

Once you decide to install solar panels in your home, you will find hundreds of solar panel companies within the marketplace. Choosing the right solar panel can be the most challenging and overwhelming part of your purchasing process, and it is very important to find the right solar panel company for your needs.

Therefore, what are the steps to choose the right solar panel company from hundreds of solar providers in your state? First of all, you should understand the different types of solar companies when you are searching for the right solar panel company.

Steps to Find the Right Solar Panel Company 

Right solar panel company

You are going to see that there are a lot of solar panel companies with a good reputation and trained staff. In case you are feeling confused about selecting the right solar panel company and you are unsure if you are selecting the right solar company or not. Here are the below steps that assist you to find the right solar panel that suits your needs.

Step 1: Recognize the Solar Company Type 

It is very necessary to recognize the differences between the various types of solar panel companies in the solar panel industry. Having background knowledge of the different types of solar panel companies will save you time money and you will choose the right solar panel company for your home.

Solar Panel Manufacturing Equipment Companies

Solar panel manufacturing equipment means companies that produce and offer solar equipment to install a solar (PV) system and other solar equipment for your home that match your demands.

Most solar panel manufacturing equipment companies don’t provide solar panel installation services or financing services.

Solar Panel Inverter Manufacturers Companies

These solar panel companies manufacture solar inverters that convert direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. The (AC) can power all the appliances in your home. 

Solar Panel Installation Companies

Solar panel installation companies are companies that purchase solar panels and other components required for installing panels from solar panel manufacturers.

The solar installers will conduct a site evaluation toexamine your roof very well to determine if your roof requires special consideration or not before the solar panel installation process. These companies primarily focus on a particular service area.

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Solar Panel Financing Companies

Solar financing company provides financing options that are required by homeowners to install solar panels in their homes and make solar panels accessible to them. In general, these solar financing companies are partners with solar installation companies.

Solar Panel Leasing Companies

Solar panel leasing companies are the ones that own the solar panels and receive monthly payments from the owner of the property who will receive all the energy from the solar panel system.

Solar Panel Lead Generation Companies

Solar panel lead generation companies put their emphasis on generating leads and sales for other companies that specialized in solar energy. These companies are the ones who put together solar sales appointments and then sold to installers, dealers, and providers. 

Solar Panel Dealers Companies

 Solar panel dealers are companies who received permissionto sell specific solar products. They concentrate on the creation and sale of solar equipment.

Some of the solar panel dealers have a house installation team whereas others will have outsourced installations to a third party. It is worth mentioning that also some solar panel dealers are exclusive to a specific solar company.

Full-Service Solar Panel Providers Companies

Solar Panel Brokers Companies

Solar panel brokers are companies that have partners with other solar panel companies to do the shopping for the consumers.They will contact the consumers and provide them with multiple bids vs. lead generation. Moreover,these companies will sell your contact number to multiple solar panel companies.

 Step 2: Get Multiple Quotes from Solar Panel Companies

During your search for the right solar panel company, you are going to notice that different solar panel companies have different prices for solar installation. Some are more competitive than others, for sure the cost of your solar panels depends on your system size.

You are strongly recommended to get multiple quotes because you can get a clear image of the price of the solar panels.

Once you begin to contact these solar panel companies, they are going to schedule an appointment with you to see your home as they will assess your roof and accurately calculate the prices.

You should contact many solar installers as you can to gather multiple solar quotes to ensure that you are selecting the best solar panel for your home. By following this, you would save money on your solar panel installation.

Step 3: Always Choose a Solar Panel Company with Experience 

Right solar panel company

Make your best to select your solar panel company with years of experience in installing solar panels since experienced companies have excellent expertise and professional staff. Further,you will ensure that your solar panels will still be operating after many years.

Step 4: Check if the Solar Panel Company is Licensed and Insured 

Be certain that your solar panel company should be licensed and insured to deal with all the electric components of the solar panel system.

Astandard license for solar installers sho/uld include general contracting,electrician, and home improvement. Also, solar panel installers should have general insurance. 

Step 5: Check the Solar Panel Company Tracking Record 

It is very important to point out that when you are selecting your solar panel company the company should give you and show their solar panel system from previous clients. Make sure to see their work in different homes.

Step 6: Examine the Solar Panel Company’s Reputation 

Try to speak with previous customers to check the companies’ reputation and see the solar company reviews which are considered an excellent way for evaluating solar panel companies.

Customers that give you excellent reviews and good feedback, it is a good indication that the solar panel company has a good reputation. In case you would find a lot of customer complaints, you are advised to work with adifferent solar panel company.

Step7: Ask if the Solar Panel Company Offer Maintenance and Support 

Don’t forget to ask the solar panel company whether they offer maintenance and support if your solar panels stop working. If that would happen, you need a professional staff to look into your solar panels and fix the problem. Therefore, you should check the duration of the maintenance and the support.

Step 8: Check the Solar Panel Company Warranties 

Remember to review carefully and discuss the warranties with the solar panel company and what the warranty covers. Some solar panel companies do not cover any physical damage to solar panels. Make sure that the warranty will be around 20 years.

Step 9: Don’t Look at the Price of the Solar Panel Company

When you are selecting your solar panel company do not look at and consider the price point only and not any other factors such as the efficiency, maintenance, warranty, services, and reputation of the company.

For example, you might find a solar panel company that gives you the cheapest price but may not provide any warranty, while another solar panel company is more expensive but provides excellent and successful installations. That’s why make your decision in selecting the best solar panel company based on all the findings.


Step10: Avoid Solar Panel Companies that Just Make Profits 

Try to find the right solar panel company that cares about the customers rather than just making sales and profits as they would conduct site visits to your home informing you that your home is suitable for solar panels. However, your home is not suitable to go solar due to low lighting or having a lot of shades as they just want to make sales.

In conclusion, these are the ten steps that assist you to find the right solar panel company for installing solar panels in your home.Do your best to do your research, compare multiple options and make the wisest decision.

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