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What You Need to Know about RV Solar Panels Kits In 2023 (Advantages And Disadvantages)

Do you know that solar panel systems are not just for homes or commercial buildings you can also install rv solar panels kits and campers’ work. If you are a person who spends a lot of his time in remote locations and camps without power hookups, so solar energy is the way to generate your appliances and save money compared to a gas generator.

Solar panels are an excellent way to power your RV when you looking to run away from electricity. Before you begin your search and purchase RV solar panels, it is important to understand the basics of RV solar panels.

You need to know that if you have an RV, it is recommended to install solar panels on your vehicle. Solar panels for your RV can be an excellent investment. We share this article with you to know that RV solar panels are right for you.

The Basics of the RV Solar Panels

You need to realize and understand that solar panels for RV operate in the same process as residential and commercial solar panels. The RV solar panels capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity, and you can use this solar energy to power your devices.

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The RV Solar Panel Systems 

In the marketplace, you will find two options to consider when choosing solar panels for your RV

The Portable RV Solar Panel System

This option of an RV solar panel system is the easiest to set up and use and includes one or more 100-watt solar panels that can be attached to the roof. Other portable solar panels come in a suitcase, you can connect the panels via a cord and place them in a place that is getting the most sun.

know that a portable RV solar panel system is a great option for the RV if you don’t have a lot of power. For example, if you want to keep your lights on as phones and laptops.

The Permanent RV Solar Panel System 

This option for an RV solar panel system is the most expensive but is also considered to be the most efficient. The solar panels continuously collect sunlight while you are driving your RV.

It is relevant to point out that permanent RV solar panel systems are installed by professional experienced solar companies that specialized in RV solar panels. This option is manufactured for those who decide to charge not only devices but appliances such as microwaves, coffeemakers, and air conditioners.  

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The Numbers of Solar Panels You Need to Power Your RV 

First of all, you need to understand and know your RV’s power needs. The RV solar panels are rated in watts and you should know also the wattage of all the devices that you want to power. You have to calculate the watt usage for each device in your RV as phones, TV, microwave, laptops, and any other devices you want to use in your RV.

Calculating Your Watts Usage 

You need to know the watts of each device you intend to use and then determine how long you intend to use it each day to get your daily watt usage or watt consumption hours.

Calculating the Needed Number of Solar Panels 

Once you determined the watt usage of your RV, you can calculate the number of RV solar panels and the wattage of solar power required.

You should understand that the best rule is that per 100-watt solar panel will collect 350 watts per day considering the weather condition, optimum sun angle, and panel efficiencies.

You have to realize also that 100 watts of solar panels would be sufficient enough to generate enough electricity to charge your battery and to power your all devices every day. It is highly recommended to check with your solar installation company to determine the number of solar panels you need.

RV Solar Panels and Kits 

Monocrystalline: This type is manufactured from a single crystal and a thin layer of silicone. You should know that this type also performs well in lower light conditions, but at the same time is the most expensive material.

Polycrystalline: This type is manufactured from smaller and multiple crystals in a cell. You need to know that these solar panels have rectangular, slightly bluish cells on the surface. In addition, it is less efficient than monocrystalline but more affordable.

AmorphousThis type is manufactured with a thin film of silicon cells which are flexible and more affordable in price. It is important to point out that due to the lightness of amorphous solar panels, they are considered to be the best choice for RV solar panel system installation.

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Other Equipment You Need for Your RV Solar Panels 

There are more things you can get for your RV solar panels, such as

Battery Bank

Battery Bank is a group of batteries connected in series or parallel wiring. Using the battery bank can store more energy than using only a single battery and keep your RV running powered all the time when sunlight is available in such circumstances as at night or bad weather conditions. Your solar panels don’t power your devices in the RV, the solar panels charge the battery, and the battery provides the power.

You should know that you need a battery that has enough capacity to power all your devices for a few days.


An inverter is a charger that converts DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that can be used by your RV’s electrical system. You should take the total watts you will be using in your RV.

Charge Controller 

In the end, you also need what is known as a charge controller, which absorbs the electricity generated by your solar panels and forwards it to your battery bank.

The top benefit of the charge controller is to monitor and stop any potential issues such as overcharging or discharging that can damage your battery.

Benefits of Installing rv solar panels kits

You will receive many advantages when you decide to install solar panels for your RV.

Environmentally Friendly Source

When you have solar panels for your RV, the source of energy is the sun which is considered to be one of the cleanest sources of energy. The energy which comes from solar panels has no emissions of gases, and no fossil fuels are used.

Long Battery Life

As mentioned above, solar energy provides a slow charge for your batteries, which is considered an ideal situation to extend your battery’s life. For this reason, you will not need to replace your batteries for 6 to 7 years.

Low Maintenance

It is worth mentioning that solar panels for RVs require little maintenance as there are no movable parts. If you decide to expand your solar system, you can easily do that without remodeling the existing system.

Energy Independent

Many people choose to install solar panels for their RV to become energy independent, RV owners can camp and stay in the desert for days and they can go anywhere they want.


You will find that the RV solar panels are much smaller and unlike the solar panels that are installed for homes, meaning that the RV solar panels are more affordable particularly if you spend a good part of the year in your RV more than your home.

Start with a Basic Solar Panel Set up

It is important to note that within your budget you can start with a basic solar panel setup and add more depending on your budget and energy needs.

Reducing Your Camps Fees

You need to be aware that RV solar panels reduce your camping fees and you can get rid of them entirely.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing RV Solar Panels  

We share the following tips to keep in your mind once you have decided to purchase RV solar panels:


Wattage is considered one of the most important factors when purchasing your RV solar panels. If you plan to keep your camera or phone charged while camping, you will need a small charger, but if you need to power more and more appliances, you will need panels with higher energy output.

If you plan to charge a lot of devices using solar panels in your RV, you need more than 30 watts.


You need to keep in mind that RV solar panels are usually manufactured to provide enough power to charge small devices or larger devices. You can add more panels to your RV solar setup. For example, RV solar panels over 200 watts will be heavy for whatever camping trip you decide to do, while panels around 100 watts are small and light enough to carry wherever you go.


You have to know also that camping is considered a tough activity, so make sure you buy long-lasting RV solar panels. Weather is also an important factor to consider, so you should buy RV solar panels that are made from high-quality materials.


You need to understand that affordable solar panels generally come with a lot of cut cells that may be less expensive, but they are also less efficient. You strongly recommended that complete solar cells are better and they are worth the extra cost.

Providing Much More Details 

It is relevant to point out that the best manufacturers provide a minimum output for their solar panels rather than a maximum power rating. Remember to request from the manufacturer a document with the details of your solar panel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is It Recommended to Buy Used RV Solar Panels?

It is fine to buy used RV solar panels, but you are advised to inspect the used RV solar panels for any obvious damage and to be at a good price. Be careful not to buy used RV solar panels that are overpriced as you can get a new one at the same price.

2How many batteries Do I need for the RV Solar Panels? 

You need to know that your battery requirements depend on the energy consumption of your RV. If you have many appliances to run, you have accordingly higher consumption. Your RV batteries can be connected to provide higher voltage and higher capacity. Ensure also to check out the manufacturer’s battery warranty just in case something goes wrong with your RV solar panels and they need to be replaced.

3.  Does a Small RV Solar Panel Charge My Batteries?

Yes, you can charge your batteries with small RV solar panels, but that can take several days or weeks. Most of the small RV solar panels are designed as slow chargers and prevent the battery from dying but are never intended for everyday charging

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