Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 2023

Many people keep thinking about how to save money on their electricity bills by planning seriously to switch to a solar-powered electric system. Further, business owners thinking to switch solar panels for commercial buildings.

Whether business owners have a small or big business they can benefit from solar panels for commercial buildings. The rising electricity costs and having a good space provided by commercial facilities make solar panels for commercial buildings a big investment.

It is Time to Have a Different Approach to solar panels for commercial buildings

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings
Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 

Many business owners own their building facilities and land, so they are considered the best candidates to use solar panels for commercial buildings to reduce their energy bills costs now and in the future. These days, it is the best time to know and examine the feasibility of solar panels for commercial building

What Are the Benefits of Installing solar panels for commercial buildings 

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 
Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings
  • The installation of commercial solar panels for commercial buildings provides a worthwhile return on any investment. Solar panels for commercial buildings can help to reduce monthly energy bills and to reduce electricity consumption. Furthermore, solar panels for commercial buildings offer the benefit of fixed prices which improved any commercial project to have a cash flow.
  • Commercial solar panels and residential solar panels decrease the carbon footprint, so solar panels for commercial buildings make a positive impact as they produce clean and emission-free electricity.
  • With immovable parts, solar panels for commercial buildings have low maintenance needs. The only maintenance for commercial solar panels is required to keep the solar panels clean and free of debris. Breaking any parts of commercial solar panels are so rare. Most commercial solar panel installers and manufacturers offer 15 to 25-year warranties on parts and installation which will protect the business owners from any repair costs.

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Things to Consider When Installing Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 
Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 

There are a few standard things to look for when business owners decide to install solar panels for commercial buildings:

Location: Business owners should contact a professional solar panel company to approach the commercial building to examine and inspect how much sunlight gets to the commercial building and then write a detailed report about their findings to install solar panels for commercial buildings or not. By following this procedure, business owners make the right decision. The sunlight is affected by many factors as cloudy days and shadows from surrounding buildings and trees. For this reason, location plays a significant role in choosing the best option. 

  1. Land options: when the business owners have an open space, the ground-maintained solar panels will be the best option for the commercial building, while in case the commercial building has a very limited place; the rooftop solar panels will be the right option to be installed on the commercial building. Each solar panel has it is own benefits.
  2. Accessibility: Business owners should examine with the assistance of the solar panel company if their commercial buildings are having access and are compatible to install commercial solar panels.
  3. Economics: Business owners install solar panels in their commercial buildings to lower the energy demand, in other words, they lower their expenditures on energy each month. This is the economic benefit behind solar. Additionally, some localities allow business owners to sell their renewable attributes. This is the most important option of solar panels for commercial buildings to have additional cost savings.

Useful Guidance to Choose the Solar Panels for Commercial Building Installers?

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 
Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 

Most business owners choose to have solar panels for commercial buildings and they are so excited and encouraged to start this process. Finding the best contractor installer is the most important part of a commercial solar installation project to prevent unnecessary complications.

Business owners can ask the commercial contractor installers many questions to choose the right installer and to avoid unexpected errors during the process of commercial solar panels installation. Business owners should make sure to examine the followings:

  • Try choosing a contractor with a solid record of experience and installation of commercial solar panels is a critical issue. Business owners should ensure that the contractor is near their commercial building in case of any sudden problems around it.
  • Request from the contractor to show many similar systems have been installed by him can help to assess the quality of workmanship. Business owners should look at the client testimonials which will increase the trust level.
  • Ask the contractor if he is certified, because certification provides all business owners with a high degree of confidence, and it means that the contract has the highest standards and qualifications to install commercial solar panels in any project.
  • Find a contractor who will be able to know the time frame of the commercial solar panel installation and the average costs of installations.
  • Business owners should be aware that the contractor is offering the highest quality panels, not lower quality panels. The less efficient panels or designs can decrease the output of the commercial solar panel system.
  • Reading more and more about the company’s history the business owners can help predict whether or not the contractor will be around the commercial building in the future when any problematic issues arise. Business owners should examine the manufacturer warranties on the commercial solar panels to cover the workmanship and /or production as it is very important to pay attention to this certain issue.

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Types of Solar Panels for Commercial Building

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 
Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings 

Carport Commercial Solar Panels 

By installing a carport solar system, the business owners are allowed to put large parking areas. These commercial solar panels produce electricity while also providing shading and covered parking. For business owners who do not have the financial capacity to install roof-mounted systems solar carports are the economic way to generate solar power. Further, solar carport structures have easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Flat Rooftop Commercial Solar Panels 

Flat rooftop systems have three options: attached, ballasted, or hybrid. A business owner can choose between the three options depending on many factors such as the roof, the building construction method, and structural engineering analysis

The one attached system depends on penetrations of the roof surface and the connections to the framing, the ballasted system depends on the weight of the system including the solar panels, racking, and other materials to hold all the arrangement, and finally, the hybrid is considered an attached system requiring a combination of penetration and ballasting.

Slanted Rooftop Solar Commercial Panels 

Nowadays, solar installers can work and install solar power for business owners even if the roof is sloped regardless there is a metal or wooden roof slanted rooftop can be installed. Slanted rooftops are not suitable for ballasted mounting systems.

Ground Commercial Solar Panels 

A ground-mounted system is considered the most effective option for business owners in the event there is a roof not suitable for solar or in the event there is a small roof that cannot meet the electricity needs. If the business owner has a huge available land, so the ground-mounted here is the best product option.

There are two types of Ground Commercial 

  • The Standard ground mounts include metal framing to keep solar panels at a fixed angle.
  • The Pole mounts elevate panels higher off the ground and sometimes use tracking systems to track the sunlight.

Tracker Commercial Solar Panels 

Tracker requires higher costs and is very expensive for business owners to install on their facilities compared to another solar system that is mounted at a fixed angle and has immovable parts.

Trackers are manufactured to increase energy production as motors move the panels to follow the sun. Tracking systems ideally allow business owners to get more kilowatt-hours per panel. Trackers are still not popular as the traditional fixed-mounted system, but they will be more affordable shortly.

Artistic Commercial Solar Panels 

Business owners are looking for artistic commercial solar panels for their projects. Solar panels can be designed into creative and fabulous arrangements that convey a message without affecting energy production. Business owners should keep in their mind that a more customized and unique system will cost a lot of money. 

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